About Us



Our mission is to create a diverse and engaged peer-led recovery community,


A community of mental health consumers, providers, sharing resources, and promoting ROSC and the benefits of peer support.

Values Statement:

We believe that advocacy, self-efficacy, purpose, community, and hope are vital to achieving the mission of our organization.

What is Peer Beyond?

  • Peer Beyond is a network of mental health consumers, all working to promote recovery through peer support in Alachua County and the surrounding area.

  • This network is committed to working with The Peer Support Coalition of Florida (PSCFL) to promote the value and benefits of peer recovery in the local healthcare system. 

  • Members of Peer Beyond will help to create and disperse surveys and questionnaires aimed at identifying needs and gaps in services for mental health consumers that align with ROSC priorities.

  • Peer Beyond will work to increase participation on the LSF Facilitated Consumer Advisory Council by inviting representatives of local mental health organizations, primary care providers, Health insurance companies, faith-based and community organizations as well as the mental health consumers; to participate in discussions about unmet needs for consumers of mental health and co-occurring substance use services. 

Network Goals

     Peer Beyond aims to provide leadership opportunities for peers while providing a sense of belonging for peers that they might not otherwise experience. Peers who join the network and attend events will have opportunities to foster meaningful relationships with other peers in their area.