Recovery is Possible

    Recovery from mental illness and substance use disorder is possible, especially with the support of peers who have walked that painful road themselves. We believe that peer support when combined with traditional methods of treatment can save lives, and we are committed to promoting this belief in our area!  Peer Beyond is a recovery community organization that is working to promote recovery-oriented systems of care and the value of Peer Support in the Alachua county area. 

    The peer support model of mental healthcare is based on the idea that recovery outcomes are improved among people with substance abuse and mental health issues when their recovery is assisted by a peer who has previously and successfully been through the recovery process. Peer Beyond is a network of mental health consumers or peers, all working to promote recovery through peer support in Alachua County and the surrounding Research shows that people who are dealing with mental illness have a tendency to isolate from friends and family. 


     This is where the Peer Beyond comes in, by offering support with through peer led support groups and social activities and access to training to become a certified recovery peer specialist. Peer Beyond will work to connect peers in our area and to create peer-led support groups, host recovery community events, provide opportunities for volunteering in the community, provide peers in the area with training to become a certified peer specialist and help peers find access to services. 

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